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The Walker in Mommy Juice

The Walker in Mommy Juice

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Color:The Walker in Mommy Juice
The Walker in Marshmallow
The Walker in Olive
The Walker in Olive (Cold Wash)
The Walker in Rain Drum
The Walker in Rain Drum (Cold Wash)
The Walker in Slate
The Walker in Slate (Cold Wash)
The Walker in Mommy Juice (Cold Wash)
The Walker in Mommy Juice
Product overview

Simple design that leads to effortless matching, which leads to easssy choices in the morning. Everyone needs a few of these in their wardrobe!

Mommy Juice is a deep red named after your much needed post-bedtime drink of choice. Rustic and refined, it's the perfect addition to every wardrobe. 


  • 100% cotton for an ultra-soft yet structured shirt
  • Fabric maintains color longer
  • Breathable and temperature regulating for all four seasons
  • Simple design means it goes with everything in their closet
  • No tags equals no itching 
  • Designed and tested with CPSC regulations in mind

Material and Care

  • 100% cotton. Trim 97% cotton and 3% lycra 
  • Turn inside out with like colors
  • Machine wash cold with a gentle detergent 
  • Tumble dry low
  • Wear again and again

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Crafted for All Day

Why Kids 🤎 The Walker


Super soft yet still structured


Hypoallergenic and controls moisture


Gentle on all skin


Built for adventure