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Childhood is an adventure

Whether building a fort in the living room or exploring the park, we design for life's everyday adventures!

Enjoy The Journey

You'll never regret making memories

Small moments. Big impact.

Childhood is full of exploration. What is seemingly mundane to us will light up your child's smile, leaving a lasting impression.

Every day is a new adventure

Bright-eyed and eager to conquer the world, children wake up each day ready to explore. We're big believers in exposing our own to the simple joys of life and have built Coconut Pops on this belief.

Purpose Built

With family in mind


Restful sleep starts with quality materials and perfect fits


Exploring the world takes durable clothes that are equally fun to wear

Everything in between

No matter what your family is up to, you'll always find an outfit that meets the occasion


A Pop Of Life

And then there were three

The Soap Store
Our Story

Coconut Pops was founded by Courtney and her husband, Erik. Since their daughter was born, they knew they wanted to show her all the world has to offer.

Creating clothes that were aesthetically pleasing and can seamlessly flow from the crib to the playground (or school, or block party, or airplane, or...) was the goal.

Now that it's launched, they're excited to bring great clothes to more families. Childhood is fleeting. Get out there and make memories!